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Employers FAQs

Why should I use Everest?

In simple terms, it makes good business sense! As your strategic recruiting partner, we believe you will benefit from:
  • Cost-effective staffing and an improved hiring process.
  • Improved attraction rates among the best available talent in the marketplace.
  • Reduced time and resources lost to prolonged position vacancies.

After all, in today's economic climate, "good people do not find good jobs as much as jobs find good people."

How long will the recruitment process take to complete?

While every project has its own unique circumstances, such as position- or industry-specific parameters, and economic or timing factors, we are pleased to state that for assignments up to a middle-management level, our time-to-fill ratio has been 30-60 days, or less. Of course, for more senior assignments the process can take longer.

How are your professional fees determined?

Our professional recruiting fees are typically based on a percentage of the successful candidate's starting annual salary. They are extremely competitive within our industry and, we believe, truly reflect the inherent value behind our search process and approach.

Can I deal with more than one recruiter on a project?

Yes, of course. How many recruiters are engaged is completely at your discretion. While some assignments merit an exclusive retainer or engagement fee approach, many more are undertaken on contingency, with no fees being payable until someone begins new employment. Open and honest discussion usually gets to the heart of this question.

How do you evaluate and assess your candidates?

Through in-depth behavioral based interview techniques, we are able to develop useful predictors of someone's future response. Although, it is only in properly understanding your organization, culture, management style, and of course, position parameters that we can determine an appropriate match. Referrals are only determined after identifying a strong fit with, and desire to join, your team.

What happens if I receive the same candidate twice?

Believe it or not this happens! One of the complications of working with multiple recruiters is that someone could be submitted or presented from more than one source. Should this occur, acknowledging the recruiter who brought the individual to your attention first is considered the professional course of action.

What happens if your placement leaves?

As your staffing partner, we provide our clients with a guarantee on every placement. This ensures you receive maximum protection in case a hiring decision could have benefited from more hindsight. However, terminations arising from work shortage, layoff, employer/employee relocation, and material change in job description or direct management are not covered under this guarantee policy.

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