Employer interviews are about discovering whether a candidate is a good fit for the hiring manager's workplace. As a candidate, however, you should also take the opportunity to interview your potential employers to ascertain whether the job is suited to your needs. Below, your Toronto recruiters suggest four key questions to ponder before accepting a job offer.

1. Are you going to be happy in the new job?

Perhaps you’re being offered a salary increase, and that’s often a powerful motivating factor for switching jobs, but it’s not always enough. For example, if it takes you away from your family because you’re spending more time commuting, you may wind up dissatisfied with your decision. What about the workplace culture — will you fit in? If not, you could be miserable in your new position. You should have an honest conversation with yourself about these and similar questions before accepting any offer.

2. What is the complete compensation package?

A compensation package is the sum total of benefits you will receive. Aside from the salary, what’s in the package? Things you should look for include private medical insurance, additional financial benefits such as stock options or a car allowance and the amount of vacation time and sick leave you will receive each year. Also, will you be given opportunities for educational development? And if you must relocate, will your expenses be covered? If you have a family, their needs will also have to be considered in this context.

3. How will you know you’re successful in your role?

Before accepting an offer, you should ask what a company's performance metrics are and how your work output will be measured. During your probation period, in particular, your employer will be evaluating your performance — so be sure you’re informed about these matters.

4. How stable is the company?

If you're looking for long-term employment, it’s necessary to consider a company’s status in the market and future prospects. Is this a startup whose stability has not yet been proven or an industry giant with no signs of downsizing? Also, are there opportunities for promotion? If so, what is the trajectory for your position? Be sure that you’re okay with where your career path may lead.

After the interview and subsequent offer, confirm how much time you have to make your decision. Do your homework and read the fine print. If you determine the offer is good for you and your family, go ahead and sign on the dotted line.

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