Precision Recruitment for High-End Technical Placements

Skills gaps, talent shortages, deadline pressures – we know what keeps you up at night. Our engineering recruiters have a deep understanding of the many complex issues driving change and creating hiring challenges across this fast-evolving sector. Our approach to recruitment is collaborative and consultative. We work closely with you to fully understand your company’s culture, business goals and customer service requirements. Rest assured, the engineering candidates we deliver will meet your specific technical and professional requirements and fit your organizational culture.

How Everest Helps You Hire Up

A reality of recruitment in engineering and related technical fields is that the top people are rarely to be found scrolling the job boards. Instead, they must be actively sought out. As a proactive, direct-contact recruiter, we maintain a deep network of experienced and talented engineers, with many relationships going back decades. So when you call us to help you with your next hire, we don’t just bring you the best out-of-work candidates — we bring you the best candidates, period.

Partner with Our Business Practice Leader


David Tyler – Director, Recruitment Solutions
(416) 363-9798 ext. 234

We Recruit Engineering and Technical Talent Across a Wide Range of Industries and Roles


  • Electronics & Communications
  • Aerospace, Aviation & Military-Defense
  • Energy, Mining & Materials
  • Pharmaceutical & Drug Discovery
  • Biotechnology & Medical
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Building & Construction and Real Estate & Property Management
  • Industrial & Fabrication
  • Heavy Equipment & Transportation
  • Plastics & Packaging
  • Safety and Security & Domestic Products

Professional Areas

  • Design & Development Engineering
  • Manufacturing Program and Project & Product Engineering
  • Supply Chain, Inventory & Costing, and Budgeting & Planning
  • Procurement & Sourcing
  • Revenue & Business Development and Sales & Marketing
  • Technical Service Engineering
  • Senior Executive Management and Operations & Finance

Work with Us

We’ll act as an extension of your company, helping you hire the best people and propelling your organization to new heights of competitiveness. Complete the form or call:

(416) 363-9798

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