Executive Search


Executive Search

Finding Talent that Drives Success

Executive talent that can elevate a firm to the top ranks is rare and hard to find. Delivering the ideal candidate is both an art and a science. What’s required is a rigorous executive-search process backed by wisdom, hands-on recruiting experience and specialized industry knowledge. That’s precisely what we offer our clients. In business since 1990, we excel at finding top-performing senior talent across our specialty areas — and we look forward to finding the next leaders of your organization.

Our Executive Search Methodology

Position Evaluation

The process begins with an in-depth consultation to better understand your needs. We invest the time to explore your organizational culture and fully examine the job description and qualifications required. This groundwork enables us to create a more accurate profile of the ideal candidate to fill the position. Together, we will develop a project timetable to efficiently achieve this goal.


As recruitment professionals, we have access to a wide range of effective methods to research and identify candidates. Sourcing may include our internal database, a vast network of contacts and researchers, direct recruiting and, where appropriate, advertising. We have the tools to attract the best candidates for you.


On every assignment, a senior consultant personally conducts all interviews to ensure consistency of candidate evaluations. Directed and guided by this senior consultant, a project search team assists in a comprehensive pre-screening process. Candidates are screened for qualifications including education, experience, management style, achievements, compensation history and other criteria you deem important. We also appraise candidates against the long and short term objectives of the position, and their adaptability to your corporate culture. In the long run, this analysis saves time in securing the best possible fit for the job – and your organization.

Progress Reports

You will be provided with regular updates detailing our search progress. These reports can be customized to meet your needs as predetermined in the initial consultation. We will also provide critical marketplace information as required.

Candidate Presentation

You will be presented with a shortlist of candidates, complete with individual profiles customized to your needs. Based on our thorough pre-screening process, you will only be presented with candidates we believe to be best qualified for the position. Following your review, we will arrange interviews accordingly, at our offices if desired.

Search Conclusion

References verifying a finalist’s qualifications and employment history can be provided by us, a third party or through your own resources. Independent psychological appraisals may also be conducted upon request. At the offer stage, we will manage the process and negotiate final details with the selected candidate.


Our commitment continues once a new hire has joined your team. Through regular follow up with you and the employee, we ensure a successful transition.

How Everest Helps You Hire Up

Due to confidentiality concerns, many top executives are reluctant to respond to publicly advertised positions. As a proactive, direct-contact recruiter, we maintain, and regularly update, a deep network of executive-level candidates whom we keep in touch with — and who return our calls. This enables us to deliver the best-qualified candidates in the market — not just the candidates actively looking at any given time. Also, by keeping our finger on the pulse of the ever-shifting business marketplace, we can anticipate where change is coming to the job market. This allows us to predict when a top talent in our executive network may be ready to look at your offer — even before they’ve started their search.

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