Wealth Management


Wealth Management

Recruitment that Adds Real Value

Canada’s wealth management sector is under increasing pressure due to growing competition and a tighter regulatory environment. Our expert wealth management recruiters have a deep understanding of the factors driving disruption in the sector — and can collaborate with you to anticipate the impact on your hiring practices. Our approach is to first get to know you, your workplace culture and your business objectives. Then, working with speed and discretion, we help you locate the right people for your team.

How Everest Helps You Hire Up

The star performers in wealth management are notoriously difficult to recruit — they’re too busy doing their jobs and not likely to be found searching the job boards. As a proactive, direct-contact recruiter, we get around this by maintaining and constantly updating our extensive, in-house talent pipeline. When you call, we tap into this network to help you surround yourself with the best and brightest. Not only do we access our network, but we also reach out to passive candidates not visible to the marketplace. These techniques give us an advantage over other wealth management recruitment firms, allowing us to find your next top performer quickly and efficiently.

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Wealth Management

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We’ll act as an extension of your company, helping you hire the best people and propelling your organization to new heights of competitiveness. Complete the form or call:

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