Applying for a job may be stressful, but that doesn’t mean you can’t increase your chances by avoiding common mistakes. Your resume is the employer’s first impression of you, and you want to put your best foot forward. Below, your Toronto recruiters offer 6 essential do’s and don’ts to help you craft an effective resume. 


1. Be specific

Specificity helps your employer get a well-rounded understanding of who you are and what your past job responsibilities entailed. For instance, if you write that you were previously a “Director of Marketing,” make sure you also list relevant details such as the type and number of marketing campaigns you oversaw and how many people reported to you.

2. Customize

Each time you send out a document, take the time to tailor it to the employer. There may be some skills or work experience that you can bring to the foreground to pique a particular employer’s interest while leaving out information that is less pertinent. Also, if there are keywords in your resume that match the job listing, be sure to include them. 

3. Proofread

Errors on a document will leave a bad impression, so proofreading is a must. Make sure there are absolutely no spelling errors or grammatical mistakes. After writing or revising your resume on your computer and doing an initial readthrough, it’s a good idea to print out a hard copy and give it a more thorough review.


1. Avoid being too personal

A resume is a professional document that highlights your work experience. Don’t include unnecessary information such as your marital status, religion, social security number, weight, race, etc. Instead, give the recruiter a chance to assess your work history and skill sets as objectively as possible.

2. Avoid using your company email address and phone number

When you’re on the job hunt while still employed at another company, it is best to provide your personal phone number and email address. This will sidestep any possible conflicts or discomfort with your current employer. 

3. Avoid writing more than three pages

If a resume is longer than three pages, the hiring manager may be inclined not read it. This is because individuals in these roles often receive dozens if not hundreds of resumes to review for a position. If they get one that’s too long, it’s a simple call to pass on it. Try to keep yours short and easy to read, with only essential information. 

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