High-performing teams seldom get that way without a teambuilding strategy and effort on the part of the leader. If you foster team building, you can unite your team around a common goal, raising productivity and work quality as a result. In the absence of team building, your employees will be limited to accomplishing only what each member can do on their own. Here are five tips from Toronto recruiters to help you elevate the performance of your teams.

1. Start by developing your own leadership kills

Employers set the tone for the organization. If you want to develop team leaders around you, then you must develop your own skills in this area. First, define what you believe a good leader should be. Then, set out to model that for your employees each and every day.

2. Build a relationship with every employee

Employees want to feel valued. One of the best ways to do this is to build a relationship with them. Get to know who they are and show them that you care. Each team will benefit from this level of interaction with you.

3. Determine what a great team looks like

If you want to be an organization known for employees who can work together, then you first need to determine what a great team should look like. Establish clear roles and objectives for every team that you create. When you do this, then everyone will be on the same page and misunderstandings will be minimized.

4. Provide team members with opportunities to connect

Your employees need to have opportunities to connect with others in the organization. Develop team-building activities that encourage employee interaction. This will increase morale across each team as well.

5. Encourage contributions

This is your chance as an employer to put your words into action. Don't just tell your workers that they're valued. Prove it to them by inviting them to contribute their ideas and suggestions. It isn't necessary to accept every idea, but it's important to demonstrate active listening skills and show them that their ideas are being considered.

For managers, team building is one of the most important skill-sets to have. If you follow these simple tips, you'll soon discover that your teams are working more effectively and efficiently. Keep in mind that team building is not a short-term or one-off activity. Rather, it's an ongoing process that you will need to facilitate and guide over time.

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