Sending a thank-you email after a job interview is a no brainer. If written properly, your message will leave a good impression and help you stand out in a sea of candidates. It can also serve as a potential calling card should another position become available in the future. According to Toronto recruiters, here are some essential do’s and don’ts you need to know.


1. Promptness is critical. Ideally, you should send your email no later than the following morning. This will communicate to the hiring manager that the position you interviewed for is important to you, and it will also show that you’re a person who takes action towards achieving your goals.

2. Do tell the interviewer just how much you appreciated being granted an interview for a position you really want. Let your thoughtful words communicate that you genuinely enjoyed the meeting and learning about the job.

3. Do remind the potential employer why you are right for the position. Restate your talking points in a way that reinforces your suitability and end the note with a call to action. Let the hiring manager know that you look forward to hearing back soon.


1. Do not send a generic thank you note that fails to mention anything you discussed in the interview. Rather, make your note specific and, if possible, reference a memorable aspect of the conversation to demonstrate that you were listening and engaged. Similarly, don’t go overboard with superfluous narrative. Be short and sweet, keeping the message relevant to the job interview.

2. Do not send anything less than grammatically perfect. After writing your thank-you email, proofread, proofread and proofread again. Sending a message with typos or awkward phrasing will not leave a good impression.

3. Don’t leave anyone out. If you’re interviewed by more than one person, be sure to send personalized thank-you emails to each interviewer. Keep in mind that the interviewers will exchange notes at some point during the decision-making process, and you don’t want anyone on the team to feel snubbed or left out.

Finally, if your frayed nerves caused you to forget an important talking point, this is your time to plug it in. Sending a thank-you email after a job interview is an easy way to make a positive impression. If you’re serious about wanting the role, why waste the opportunity?

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